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International Submissions – Jump Music Video Awards 2019

The fourth JUMP Music Video Awards is maintaining submissions from internationally based artists and their creative film and video making partners. If you would like to submit your video into this years’ awards taking place in London [SELAH FESTIVAL] please use the link below: For submissions click here

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Scriptures Refuting The Doctrine Of Eternal Security

Several people have confronted me with the question concerning the dead but resurrected doctrine of “Once Saved, Always Saved”. Instead of trying to answer them from Chinedum Azuh’s ideologies, I decided to search the scriptures for answers. Here are topical organization of scriptures that refute the doctrine of “Eternal Security” …

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Cfaith Today Media Personnel

We are looking for Christians people who can capture events church and around the globe as they happen where ever they are and send us a video or pictures from the scene. If you are interested and would to join out team, then call us and we will talk it …

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