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A New Season Is Here!

In John chapter 5 verse 4, the Bible recorded that at a CERTAIN SEASON, an angel stirs up the pool of Bethsaida and whoever steps in first into the pool after the stirring receives their healing…

There is a stirring in the heaven now! This is the seasons for unusual miracles. I happen to know that by the power of the spirit. If you get connected to the Spirit during this period, all those problems, situations, lack, sickness, failures, bareness, demonic oppression, lack of employment etc that had defied solution in the past will receive the touch of God.

In 2nd Kings chapter 5, the Bible also recorded the story of Naaman, the successful Syrian general who was a laper. He did not believe in the God of Israel, yet he obeyed the voice of the prophet Elisha by jumping into the Jordan River seven times and he was made whole. His obedience was accounted for him as faith and God healed him.


Now, listen. You may be wondering; how do I get connected to my miracle during this period? Very simple, first by obedience: do the same thing that Naaman did by jumping into the river seven times and you will be made whole. And then, how do I get into the river? Very important question: You can jump into the river by been sensitive in your spirit. God bless you.

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