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Chameleon Christianity

In the corporate business world, products are given brand names to win customers’ patronage and loyalty. The image or identity of the product is what sells the product in the marketplace. The selling point of the product is the packaging because “image is everything”

As Christians, we bear the mark of Jesus Christ and the image of God. We are here to demonstrate the power and authority invested in us through the finished work of the cross Gen.1:26-28). Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you are wrongly packaged, how can you propagate the gospel to the unbeliever? Your selling point is the total life of holiness and surrender to the will of God in explicit obedience. Holiness is your right package and selling point in the world!

As a born-again believers (John.6:3; 2Cor.5:17), we cannot afford to blend with the world. The bible enjoins us to put off the old man and put on Christ! We cannot wear the nature of Christ while putting on the nature of the world! Put on the garment of righteousness today.

No battle was ever fought on the parade ground! Gird your loins and fight your way to victory! As a Christian, everything you do to know God is a resistance against the enemy. Increase your daily intake of the Word of God. Put fire on your prayer alters! Live a life of daily consecration and holiness.


The devil is not afraid of chameleon Christians. He laughs and scoffs at carnal Christians when they pray and worship God with feigned excitement, or shout at the devil with a sweaty face and clenched fist in warfare prayers. The devil is only afraid of an obedient Christian who lives a life that is completely sold out to God and His will.
Live a life of obedience! An obedient Christian is an awesome weapon in the hand of God and a terror to the kingdom of darkness!

Are you a chameleon or a champion in the temple of God?


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