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Christian charity CARE says gambling advertisements in football must end.

Gambling adverts featuring sports stars and celebrities will no longer be allowed to target under-18s.

New rules come into force today, 1st October 2022, meaning they can’t be part of promotions.


Christian charity CARE has demanded action to curb an onslaught of gambling advertising in football after media reports highlighted abuses by the betting industry.


Only on Thursday, 29th September 2022, it was reported that football clubs are taking a cut of gamblers’ losses, leading to claims that they are exploiting fans and gambling addicts.


Last week, a gambling firm associated with Premier League clubs was fined £400,000 by a regulator for marketing gambling to children.


Jamie Gillies, senior press officer for CARE, told Premier – A UK Christian News, that the addiction can become life-threatening: “People are bombarded with gambling ads on football strips on billboards, on telly when you’re trying to watch a game.


“We know that there are rising numbers of people for whom gambling is becoming a problem.


“Around 400,000 people in the UK are confirmed to be gambling addicts, and around a million are thought to be at risk of becoming addicted to gambling. For those people, being exposed to gambling adverts isn’t simply something they can brush off.



“It’s very, very hard for them to see. Because they’re grappling with a very acute addiction, which leads them to lose all their money and get into huge debt, which places a massive strain on the relationship, which can lead to other addictions like alcohol addiction, drug dependency, homelessness, and even suicide, and those around one suicide every day.”


CARE has tirelessly been calling on the government to bring forward a white paper, which they have failed to produce.


Mr Gillies stressed that Churches and Christians could also help people they know might be struggling with the addiction: “I think fostering an open culture in churches where people can come forward is essential.


“So they can admit that they’re struggling, as people struggle with other addictions.


“So not judging people, making them feel able to come forward and speak and offer them prayer and support and directing them to services that can help them because this is a severe gambling addiction issue.


“It’s something that does need specialist counselling and support sometimes, and there are several great charities out there that can help.”

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