Do you know that a demons are spirits, and they can enter your home by any means.

Is there something in your life and home inviting demonic spirits? Today we allow so many ungodly things to enter our homes. Our lives are being affected by everything that is unholy, opening doors to rebellion, disobedience, promiscuity and the realm of defiant evil spirits.

Unfortunately it’s not only what we allow into our homes, but it’s also what adults are modeling in today’s Christian home. Many allow violent movies and indecent entertainment, telling small children to cover their eyes until the violent or indecent episode is over. I know couples who constantly fight over this issue. The husband wants to see the violent and explicit videos, and the wife wants no part of it.

We really have to be careful what we watch. The enemy has introduce all kind of things, it doesn’t matter what they call it – Big anything or whatever ….Idol. These things are evil.

Learn to accommodate only programs that give glory to God and God alone.

Credit: Pst Chukwu



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