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Pastor David Hogan Credits Holy Spirit With Raising 32 Dead Bodies to Life

Raising 32 Dead Bodies to Life

An eighth-generation preacher from Louisiana, David Hogan gives glory to the power of the Holy Spirit for raising 32 dead bodies to life during 37 years of ministry in 88 nations. He boldly declares that the power of God to restore life is in the hands of ordinary believers who dare to believe in supernatural signs, wonders and miracles.

On Monday night, Hogan called down the power of God on 8,000 people in an outdoor amphitheater west of Denver, decreeing the miraculous works of God through them to the ends of the earth in Jesus’ name.

“I want you to raise your hands up,” Hogan said at Red Rocks Amphitheater.

“Tonight is your night to be empowered with the fire and the zeal and the power of the Holy Spirit to take our land, to heal our land, to heal our sick, to cast out demons, to cleanse the lepers and to raise the dead.

“Because freely we have been given to, and freely we give because Jesus is King,” said Hogan, who went to Mexico 37 years ago after hearing God’s call to the nation on an airplane.

Hogan joined Lou Engle, Elevation Worship, Steffany Gretzinger, Jeremy Riddle, Sean Feucht and Leeland in worship and intercession for revival to begin in Colorado and spread to the nations.

“There are going to be great miracles tonight. Some will be healed. Cancer will leave. Blind and deaf will see and hear,” Hogan said.

Raising the dead is possible for ordinary people who believe in the extraordinary power of God, he said.


“I rebuke fear and unbelief.

“We can do this because God is with us. I’ve come to rebuke the dread, the fear, the lack and the want off your lives. I relieve this area of powers of witchcraft in Jesus’ name.

“I’ve come to this place to bless you, to release the energy of the power of God, so revival can begin with us. You need to be empowered.

“If you want to be empowered by the Holy Ghost to go to the nations, I want you to stand to your feet,” Hogan said.

Watch Hogan powerfully speak the anointing of God over the crowd, and recount one of the miraculous life-from-death testimonies that are available to every Holy Spirit-empowered, hungry, passionate follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(Watch from the 3:25:17 mark to hear Hogan speak.)

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