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Take These Steps To Submit Your Songs

1. Enlist your song with the following:

Your graphics will be on our homepage, music channel page and side bar
– Your name
– Song title
– Graphics image
– Your biography – if available
– Song lyrics – if available
– Mp3 audio file for free download. You can send your mp3 audio file via whatsapp to the number +234 805 1190 003 or via email @ ([email protected])
– Social Network Details e.g your youtube, facebook handle, twitter handle, myspace, instagram, etc

2. Besides our website, we will promote your song on the following platforms:
a) Facebook pages, Our Sound Cloud, Our Newslettes, Twitter handles, Youtube Page, Whatsapp , Instgram

3. Your song will be meta tagged for faster viewing when searched on Google

4. Continual play of your video/MP3 on our Music Channel – and http// If no video, we will convert your MP3 file to MP4 and insert your graphics into the video and add it to our music channel playlist

5. Create a profile page for you on our site. See

6. And also play your song on our live radio multiple times in a day and add to our regular play list!

To proceed, donate and check the submission page

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