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Intruducing SignOnHost.Com


his  introduction makes our nerves tingle with excitement! In keeping with our vision to help our readers with the best information, not only about Christianity, but also to bring you the best products from the top brands in the world. We’re proud to welcome one of the best web hosting company in Nigeria.

What’s So Great About SignOnHost

This is a very good question. And I will answer you…

  1. The first is that they are our hosting partner. They currently hosted all the Cfaith Network sites Cfaith Radio, Cfaith TV and CfaithToday. We run some big sites online and never had issues with them. This is why we recommend SignOnHost
  2. Also, they have been there for a very lone time.
  3. They have some of the best technical guys to attain to your support needs.
  4. They have very cheap but professional web hosting plans.

Hosting Plans

Below are some of their hosting plans. As you can see, they have the cheapest webhosting plans in Nigeria.
SignOnHost hosting plans

SignOnHost Services


Digital marketing
Site builder
Social media management
SSL certificate
Web design
Website backup
Website protection

Domain Name

As you can see below, they have of the best domain name deals around.


SignOnhost domain


We, at CfaithToday, are happy with Signonhost. We also, by this, request that you support them if you have need for a domain name, a host or even a dot ng name.

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