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As someone who has received grace and mercy to assist, help and consult with churches, pastors and leaders in the last two decades, I have Coe to discover that there are only three kinds of churches. The name or denominational affiliation doesn’t matter, only these three kinds of churches exist in our world.

1. The Healthy Church.
A healthy church is a biblical, rapturable church, built on the undiluted word of God. The pastor and leadership are spiritually healthy people who are authentic servants of The Lord. The people are spiritually alive and are true disciples of The Lord. A healthy church have internal healthy organs, preaches the wholistic gospel of the Kingdom, lives the gospel, prays passionately and have good image in the eyes of the public through godly living and good works. In a healthy church, obedience to the Word of God is paramount, sin is dealth with firmly and the Holy Spirit of God have preeminent control. It’s a mission minded and mission sending church. Soul winning and getting people ready for heaven is the passion of a healthy church. How healthy is your church?

2. The Sick Church.
A sick church is a spiritually destitute church. She has sick pastors and leaders who are secular, carnal and ungodly. Shameful and sinful living is rife in a sick church. Sins are whitewashed and glossed over. The pulpit is corrupted and the pews are ungodly. Human methods and interpretations of the scripture are common place in a sick church. Stagnation, struggling and crisis are rife in a sick church. The ABC of ministry in a sick church is Attendance, Building and Cash. Though physically, materially and financially okay, but spiritually lost with God. Is your church a sick one?


3. The Dying or Dead Church.
A dead church is lifeless, nominal, dogmatic and powerless. Spiritual death to God is evidence in pastors and leaders. Rituals, religiousity and dogmatic practices are rife in a dying church. The presence and power of the Holy Spirit has left. Human efforts and liturgies are now the order of the days. Services and worships are routine and incapable of changing and transforming people to the image of Christ. Politics, infighting and crisis are normal in a dying church. Is your church dying?

Well, Jesus who is the Founder, Foundation and Head of His Church is only coming to RAPTURE a healthy church.
What are you doing to make your church a healthy one?

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