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Christian Broadcasting of Idaho Adds New Televsion Station to Lineup

Christian Broadcasting of Idaho Adds New Televsion Station to Lineup 1

TWIN FALLS • Christian Broadcasting of Idaho has added four new signals for television viewers in Twin Falls.

KTYL-TV is the fourth digital television station added to CSI’s lineup. The other stations are KBAX Ch. 27, KCJY Ch. 38 and KCTF Ch. 45.

The four new signals are “Max News” 17.1; “Tuff TV” 17.2; “Rev’n” 17.3 and “Hearland” 17.4.

“Max News is a national and international news channel with a conservative political bent. “Tuff TV” is a mixture of sports and actions shows. “Rev’n” is about racing and repairs on cars and trucks and “Heartland” features country music by stars from today and yesterday. All are available to local viewers using television antennas.


The Christian Satellite Network and CBI are based out of The River Christian Fellowship in Twin Falls. CSN was founded by the Rev. Mike Kestler of The River Christian Fellowship. Kestler began broadcasting Christian radio over satellite on April 26, 1995 from uplink station KAWZ. The first satellite-fed translator to begin receiving the network from KAWZ was in Yucca Valley, Calif. Today, CSN has grown to nearly 400 stations and translators across the United States, including Alaska and the Hawaiian islands. CBI is a nonprofit and non-commercial.

“The idea is to spread the teaching of Jesus Christ through the world,” said Mike Stocklin, of Christian Broadcasting of Idaho.

Radio programming includes national and local shows such as “To Every Man an Answer” a live call-in program hosted by Kestler.

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