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Financial Difficulties: How to Take Advantage of Winners’ Chapel Food Banks Across the Country

Navigating Winners' Chapel Food Banks Nationwide Amid Financial Challenges

Bishop David Oyedepo, the founder of the Living Faith Church (Winners’ Chapel), revealed during last Sunday’s service at Canaan Land in Ota, Ogun state, that the church has established several facilities named Kingdom Care outlets to support the less fortunate during Nigeria’s current economic challenges.

The well-known religious leader clarified that the channels would assist the less fortunate, while also encouraging Christians to help those in need nearby to alleviate financial difficulties.
He stated: “Should your car malfunction on the highway, seeking assistance isn’t a matter of shame. It’s not a sign of weakness to seek help when necessary.”
As per a media report, Nigerians in need of aid and support are urged to find the Kingdom Care outlets through the Winners Satellite Fellowship (WSF) across Nigeria.


Sharing an update, Oyedepo disclosed that the church had set up over 200 Kingdom Care Centres across the country;


“Excellent news! To God be praised, more than 200 Kingdom Care Centers have been established throughout our WSF regions.
“Kingdom Care Centers are designed to meet the welfare needs of the Winners family members while adhering to the kingdom care covenant. Thus, we will all be able to access the addresses of the various centers by this Wednesday. Where non-perishable food items, clothes, and other supplies that may be specified in the upcoming notification will be accepted. We anticipate that the centers will be operational and that the schedule for providing care to patients will be well-defined. Jesus is Lord. This season, not a single winner will experience shame.”
Key takeaways;
•Over 200 Kingdom Care Centers have been established by The Living Faith Church (Winners’ Chapel) in an effort to lessen the nation’s current economic difficulties.
•Bishop David Oyedepo stated that the centers will provide food, clothing, and other necessities to the underprivileged.
•According to Oyedepo, the Kingdom Care Centers were founded to meet the welfare requirements of the Winners’ relatives.

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