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Christians From Other Denominations Will Bow Before You

One of the most popular men of God in the world and the lead leader of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, recently, in an online video, prayed that other Christian denominations will bow before his members. This has generated a lot of controversy on social media.


The exact time Pastor Adeboye made the prayers is not clear. But a video clip being shared online shows him making the prayer at the 2021 youth convention of the church.

In the clip, he referenced how the prophet’s sons bowed before Elisha after he was endowed with the double portion of Elijah’s power.

Adeboye then prayed that as the prophet’s sons bowed to Elisha, Christians from other denominations would bow before them. The entire congregation roared with an amen response.

However, many people on different online platforms reacted to the prayer, making sundry comments.

Some described the prayer as witchcraft, adding also that what Adeboye is implying is that people like Kumuyi, Oyedepo, and other church leaders will now bow before RCCG members.

Several people believe Pastor Adeboye should be asked to quit the pulpit because his age may no longer support his pulpit engagements.

A commentator on Nairaland also has this to say As a Christian (not a denominational fanatic) I’ll suggest Pa Adeboye should consider resigning from active pastoral works due to old age, even Pope Benedict resigned when he realised his age would affect his actives in the church, I don’t believe this sort of prayers should be said by religious leaders.”



A few respondents, however, have different perspectives as they feel Pastor Adeboye is being misunderstood.

Another commentator, Adedeji Agunbiade on the wall of Paster Sunday Adelaja where the clip is shared, wrote, “Which kind prayer be this oo. This one don pass witchcraft sef. Why should “Christians” from all denominations bow before fellow Christians? Na him too talk say your peers will beg you for food. And mumu congregation sef shout amen. This is witchcraft and sorcery combined.”

Some other commentators say the prayers can’t stand because we all are supposed to bow before God, not any human being.

Rhoda Adewuyi wrote, “It is pure old age, Baba needs to retire or go on compulsory retirement by the church. Is there no anointed Pastor again in RCCG? No Minister is indispensable; old prophets need to allow young prophets with new fire to function before they, too, start to see “heaven”

One Titilola Daramola Atewologun ” observed, “With AI you can never tell with all this voice-over. I have been a member of RCCG for over 30 years, and I have never heard this kind of prayer said.”

CfaithToday Pastor Adeboye may have reasons for these Prayers; that is, if it was not done with AI, it is now left for the church to deny the video’s authenticity.

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