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Pastor Almost Entirely Blinded, Struggling to Eat and Speak After Islamic Extremists Reportedly Spray Him With Acid

A Uganda Christian pastor was almost entirely blinded last month after Muslim extremists reportedly sprayed him with acid. The horrific attack has also left the preacher struggling to eat and speak.

The incident reportedly unfolded Dec. 22 in Kampala, Uganda, after Pastor Frank Mutabaazi delivered a sermon and subsequently met a man who pretended to be an interested parishioner.

This Islamic extremist approached him after church and thanked him for his “wonderful sermon” before asking for a ride to a local neighborhood, according to Morning Star News.

Mutabaazi had a five-hour drive back home but decided to selflessly take the individual to his intended location. He said the man started using his phone when they were in the car.

“On my way to the main road, the gentleman started making several phone calls,” Mutabaazi told Morning Star News.

The man suddenly asked to get out of the car at a location far from his intended drop-off. Mutabaazi explained they weren’t yet where he asked to go, but the man said he wanted to visit a friend.

Mutabaazi stopped the vehicle, and that’s when the unthinkable unfolded.

“As he came out of the vehicle, three men dressed in Islamic attire appeared and pulled out a bottle and started spraying on me through the window while shouting and mentioning that I am an enemy of their religion as well as a deceiver who is not worthy to live,” Mutabaazi told the outlet. “From that time on, I did not know what happened, only to find myself at a nearby clinic in Namunghona after five hours.”

In addition to losing most of his sight, burns have left the pastor with trouble talking and eating, and his shoulder is badly burned. He requires painkillers to sleep during the night.


According to Morning Star News, Mutabaazi had received threats before the attack, with Islamic extremists imploring him to stop evangelizing. But he took precautions and said he never expected anyone to come to one of his Christian events.

“We have been monitoring your evil activities of changing our members to Christianity,” one text message read. “Let this be known to you that your life is at risk.”

Despite being a majority-Christian country, Uganda has internal problems with Islamic extremism, with its presence “growing steadily” and severe persecution unfolding in pockets of the nation. This is particularly true for people who convert away from Islam, according to Voice of the Martyrs.

While 84% of Ugandans are Christian, stories like what unfolded to Mutabaazi are not uncommon.

“Christian converts from Islam face pressure from family members and harassment in Muslim communities,” Voice of the Martyrs explained. “Several young people who converted to Christianity have been severely beaten and injured by parents or community members. Pastors and churches have been attacked, and some converts have been killed after their faith became known.”

Some local areas restrict Christianity even further, with church land being taken or with regulations intended to try and stop Christianity’s spread. And some families who leave Islam see their children no longer welcomed to local schools. Read more about that here.

Pray for Mutabaazi as he deals with the physical pain and ramifications of the attack.

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